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Sunni Smyth

Elaine Moock

Aubrey Mayo

Seaminx is an Artist Management Agency co-founded by Sunni Smyth and Elaine Moock in 2000.

As former models, Sunni and Elaine knew some of the most talented people in the industry. They handpicked a roster of highly qualified hair and makeup artists, stylists and assistants and started booking them on high profile projects.

They’ve always focused on the talent and absolutely every artist on the list is amazing at what they do, but to be a part of Seaminx, you need more. You need to be a hard-working, problem-solving team player who’s a pleasure to be around. #bekindworkhard

In 2015, they became a trio adding Aubrey Mayo as Creative Director. Aubrey brings a lifetime of fashion knowledge and knows what it takes to be a successful freelance artist because she was once one herself.

With over 16 years in the business, Seaminx is looking more prominent than ever and as they say, “We’re just getting started.”