Brandon Nguyen



Dallas 214.827.3010
NYC 212.979.7300


What did you do before becoming a PA?

I'd like to say I've had many hats as do i now while I PA. I used to and still to this day manage properties for out of town investors, and i am constantly working on a passive portfolio in real estate. I've worked in door-to-door sales, a few network marketing companies, and a few service industry jobs, but nothing as cool as what I do now. I fell into the film community on a whim and have decided to never go back since.


What are your interests outside of work?

I am thrill seeker to the core, I love to rock climb or pretty much do anything that puts my life and my skills at the edge. Anything that seems critical or high intensity to the normal human being is where you'll find me or where i hope to be. I also like to learn about different business strategies from every outlet I see suitable, my ambitions both lie in success and excitement.