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Brie Neumann

What did you do before becoming a stylist?

While going to school for Interior Design, I staged model homes and I also assisted a prop and wardrobe stylist in Los Angeles, CA. I quickly learned that styling was going to be my full-time passion and profession. I fell in love with the variety and challenges of each styling job and I was hooked.


What are your interests outside of work?

I am married to a photographer so a lot of my personal interests reflect my work interests. We are constantly seeking, collecting, rearranging, remodeling, styling and photographing our home in Austin, TX. We love searching for the next subject and often joke about opening a prop house for all of the furniture and amazing knick-knacks we have collected over the years.


Where did you live growing up?

I grew up in Laguna Beach, CA. It was an amazing place to have my childhood. With the beach as your backyard you never get bored. I try to go back as much as possible to get my salt water fix.


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