Elizabeth Ulrich




Elizabeth Ulrich

What did you do before becoming a stylist?   

I received a Masters in Journalism from Northwestern, and I spent my twenties as a writer and editor for newspapers, magazines and websites. In that time I developed a serious obsession with vintage shopping and sourcing amazing finds for my home. I’ve always loved telling stories, and I realized I could also do that through collecting and arranging beautiful objects. Just before my 30th birthday, I launched a vintage prop rental company and built a big arsenal of props. After styling our lookbook, I started receiving requests to style photo shoots, and I was hooked. Now I’m able to translate my love of storytelling and understanding of editorial direction into my work on set, and it’s such a happy marriage.

What are your interests outside of work?

I love traveling — whether it’s a cross-country road trip or an international vacation, I’m always planning my next adventure. I’m also an obsessive seeker of beautiful things— whether I’m foraging for greenery or shopping flea markets, thrift shops and estate sales, I’m always searching for interesting objects. Even when I’m traveling, I collect rocks and sea shells from distant shores and scour markets and antique shops for props and home decor. I always check an empty suitcase, and it’s not unusual for me to return from trips with pretty rocks in my pocket.

Where did you live growing up?

I grew up in a really small South Texas town (less than 2,000 people—my husband didn’t believe there was only one stoplight until I brought him home). My dad owned a business where he built and designed furniture, and my mom was a teacher who sewed dresses for me and restored our 1800's farmhouse with such care. Growing up I felt like I couldn’t wait to live in a big city and moved the day after I graduated high school. Since then I’ve lived in Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and Portland, OR, but I’ve definitely come to appreciate the beauty of small-town life.








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