Everything's coming up roses, indeed. Hilary Rose Walker's career is in full bloom! 



Set Design


Hilary Rose Walker

What did you do before becoming a Stylist?

If you go way back, my creative journey started as a dancer.  First as a ballet dancer while I was growing up and then as a modern dancer and ballroom dance instructor in college and beyond. When I moved to Dallas, I shifted my focus to interior design, but it wasn’t until finding styling that I really felt “at home” artistically. I like to think each step along the way has informed the work I do now and will forever be a piece of the puzzle that is my creative identity.


What does your creative process look like?

My process feels a bit like sculpting or sketching. I start with the raw materials, the product or concept then I rough in a starting composition. Once I see the scene on camera, I begin to tweak and change and morph it. After every adjustment I pull back and look at the full picture and when it feels complete, I step away. One of the most important pieces of the whole endeavor is learning when to step away.


Where did you live growing up?

I was raised in the beautiful city of Nashville, Tennessee, on what can only be described as a wanna be farm. We had chickens, geese, dogs, cats, vegetables and fruit trees. I was homeschooled on the second story of my parents’ cafe restaurant and I like to think I got my creative impulse and sense of individuality from my parents and my aesthetic taste from my chic and overwhelmingly Southern grandmother.


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