This California girl keeps her cool even under the blazing Texas sun. 




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Jane Black

Describe the top projects you have been on and why they are your favorites.

I shot for a Fashion/Lifestyle magazine on the Caribbean Sea on a yacht for 3 days with the best crew and talent. Any job near the ocean or mountains is my favorite.

I also worked on a movie where I had to dress over three hundred extras in tacky Christmas sweaters; that was hilarious! Having a client who has a big event like the Oscars is always fun, too. You grab food, good music and try on fabulous dresses and shoes for hours, What could be better?


What did you do before becoming a stylist?

I was a fashion Producer for E! Networks. I cultivated fashion segments for E! news and traveled to all the fashion weeks.  It was glamorous and an exciting way to always be on top of the trends.


 What does your creative process look like?

My favorite part of any shoot is working with the creatives…the photographer, Creative Directors, etc. Creating images together after calls and discussion is what really gets me excited! I love to think out of the box and try and always bring something a little different to each shoot. 


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