A self-proclaimed expert on everything Madonna, Marc is also the Fashion Director of Iris Covet Book.  







Marc Sifuentes

Favorite project?

I don't have a favorite project per se. My favorite projects are really about the team I’m working with. I love when everyone is on the same page and realizes the importance of their role and their individual contribution to the image, that’s the best type of shoot to be a part of. I’m really grateful I get to work with like-minded individuals. It brings me joy and satisfaction.


What do you look for in an image?

As a stylist you have to understand the power in an edit. I am of the school of thought that "less is more" and a true minimalist at heart. For me it's very important to not be overwhelmed by the abundance of design, imagery, and inspiration, but instead to stay true to my own vision and point of view. Without a point of view, what do you have to contribute?


What does your creative process look like?

I believe that we are all builders on set. The making of an image isn't just dependent upon the photographer that you work with, but really more about the synchronicity of each team member collaborating on the shoot. When we all work toward a similar result and a shared vision, the image is always successful.


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