Born and raised in Spain, Maria brings her classic European sensibilities to everything from styling an Olympic gymnast to cooking an authentic Paella. 




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Maria Gamez

What do you look for in an image?

When I look at images today I want them to move me. Too many of the images are more shocking or provocative, but they don’t stay with you. I want to see something I want to remember because it touched me. So many campaigns are about a compilation of images, but if you have a product that you believe is special, show the rest of the world why you think so.


What are your interests outside of work?

I love to cook and I think of it as another form of creativity. I see it as a white canvas where you add great ingredients and create something people can enjoy with you. As with my work there is a lot of thought and love that goes into every meal. I also love to paint, the way you can transform a few dots of paint into a great image is very satisfying.


Where did you live growing up?

I was born and raised in Southern Spain in Cordoba. My father’s side of the family had an olive grove in Jaen and grew other vegetables. My most fond memories from childhood are of my sister and myself playing with olives and tomatoes. Simple, but what is life about, right? 


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