She's a Bad Mama Jama! When not styling the latest auto commercial you can find this chica riding the streets of LA with her all girl motorcycle club, The Velvets. 



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Mimi Le

Favorite project?

My favorite projects usually involve a self-reset button. There's a specific time in the year that I come up for air and collaborate with a photographer to create a personal project that is a huge refresher for both my portfolio and my personal self.


What did you do before becoming a Stylist?

I started two career paths simultaneously.  While I was assisting I was also bartending to make ends meet and as I proceeded to transition into a full time stylist, I also opened a nightclub. I finally had to get some sleep and chose one job.


What does your creative process look like?

My creative process comes down to instinct, gut reactions and problem solving. 


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NYC 212.979.7300