Production designer, prop stylist and globe trotting rugby player. Did we mention woodworker, welder and painter too? Whew!



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Patrick Muller

What did you do before becoming a Prop Stylist and Set Designer?

Before I was a stylist I was  a wood worker, upholsterer, an international high school art teacher, and a wandering international rugby player!


What does your creative process look like?

My creative process is very organic. Each project requires a different creative process. I get inspiration from everything and constantly pull ideas for future projects. I have a studio where I do woodworking, welding, painting, etc. It’s my creative space. I recently bought a commercial building where i have my creative studio on one side and a custom upholstery shop on the other. I grew up in an upholstery shop in West Hollywood, Ca. I learned the trade from my father, who is a master furniture maker focusing on upholstery. I have a custom furniture business as well as my set design / prop styling business. 

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Where did you live growing up?

I grew up in Los Angeles, Ca.


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 Dallas 214.827.3010