Abby Sherrill


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Dallas 214.827.3010
NYC 212.979.7300


Favorite Project?

I worked on a video shoot that incorporated projected images onto the model. The combination of light, shadow and movement created an interesting visual experience. It was great to see how the crew collaborated together during the process, all experimenting within their own expertise.

During one of my first experiences on set, I was given the task to make a few props for the shoot. I was motivated by the challenge and enjoyed working with the art director to make exactly what she had envisioned for the objects.

I worked on a shoot for a holiday toy ad. There was so much energy and excitement on set with the young models. They were having a blast, yet remained poised and professional.


What did you do before you were an assistant?

I studied Fashion Design in undergraduate and recently completed my MFA in Studio Art with a focus in Fibers. I continue to work as a visual artist and teach screen printing.


What are your interests outside of work?

I'm interested in movies, woodworking, art, refurbishing a vintage Pachinko machine, cats, and iPhone games about cats.